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A piece that articulates why I wasn't upset by #askrachel

Gene Demby from NPR penned a piece about the whole #askrachel business and it made me happy because it so clearly articulated what I’ve been wanting to say to folks who get/got upset about the hashtag. Sometimes when these ridiculous, offensive and tragic things happen, someone tries to usher in humor and they can be shut down. I’ve noticed that we can get so wrapped up in the issue what we forget to find humor. I was talking to a couple I know over the weekend (he is mixed black/white, she is white) and we were discussing the #askrachel Twitter hilarity fest. I mentioned how some people were really upset and found it “problematic” that black culture was being distilled into a bunch of multiple choice questions (we even delved into a deeper conversation about how the word “problematic” has itself become... Well, problematic and overused). We both agreed on something though: the shit is funny. And not only that, but while black culture is so much more than knowing what flavor this Kool-Aid is (it’s red, y’all), there is a funny and singular feeling that runs through these questions that make those of us in the community feel an attachment to a horde of Internet strangers we don’t know and leave us looking back nostalgically on our shared childhood experiences. That *is* what culture is. Let’s remember to laugh about it sometimes.


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