This is how leaders lead. They lead the people in which the needs of the people come before ones own ego. When she said she is “begging” I realized this is what politicians should do. Its not about ego and looking in a good light. Its sacrficing one’s ego for the good of the people when needed to.

She is a member of the PPD. Popular Democratic Party which my understanding is aligned with the Democratic party.

We need to include her as the new rising stars of the party. I have been so impressed with her in interviews. In 2020 she should be on shortlist for VP choices.

Although with Trump declaring “big things” for Puerto Rico next week I fear he will say its no longer part of the United States and its citizens no longer American citizens using argument its cheaper and Spanish is used widely. I believe its the major language.


Fidel Castro was so right about the risks of Puerto Rico not pushing itself to be a state and trusting the government to do what’s right.