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A poll of GT: G/O Consumer Product Ads: Buy or No?

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Due to COVID-19 I have turned into an elderly shut-in way before my time. I was noodling around Jezebel way too early for my time zone and was amused to find this at the end of a comment thread, right below “See More Comments”.


I took a screenshot, walked the dog, made coffee and breakfast, and called my husband in out of boredom. We are two men who live in Manhattan. I asked him: “If I had the money or the desire, which should I buy?”

His responses, from left to right, starting at the top:

1. Go for the sweat enhancing compression wear, because you’ve been gaining weight during the enforced lockdown PAUSE. I’m not sure what it does. Actually, probably a scam.


2. You know we’ve been together for [many, many] years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in drag. Men wear lipstick. I’m pretty sure [friend X] does. Maybe?

3. Don’t be ridiculous. I used to travel for work all the time. I have a trillion miles saved up.


4. We live in Manhattan. What would we do with a Mid-Size Three-Row Crossover. And what is that anyway. It would be handy to have an SUV.

5. Latest COVID-19 News for New York? As if we don’t have enough?

6. “Incredible Air Cleaner.” That reminds me, I have to Lysol the front door handles. What’s wrong with the woman in the picture? You don’t think she inhaled it, do you, like Trump told her to?


Consider this an O/T, I guess?

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