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It’s a sloooooooow afternoon at work. Please talk to me about one or both of these things.

Is anybody into literary translation? I started reading War and Peace but disliked my edition (Pevear and Volokhonsky), primarily because they didn’t translate the French within the text, making the reader go to the footnotes to get the translation. It took me about half an hour to read two pages, not to mention that looking down at the footnotes and then having to find my place again completely destroys the experience of reading. Now I’m waiting for the Briggs translation from the library. I’m wondering if anybody is interested in translation, knows of an good articles, or sites, or trusty sources that talk about these issues or provide recommendations. Or just wants to share their feelings about translation.

I’m also wondering if anybody has any travel blogs they like? I’ve been trying to find some for my trip to Spain and Portugal in the spring. I’ve been before and would like to do different things from last time, when I was using the Lonely Planet city guides. I’ve seen a few blogs that are very beautiful and have cool thematic guides (my favorite being Literary City Guides: a travel resource for bookworms who love to eat). Any GTers have recommendations for travel blogs that are cultural/art/food focused?

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