I've been insanely busy lately. Thus, I've only had time for excessive amounts of work, sleep, my pup, and my fella. I miss my friends terribly but they're not so easy to fit into a 50 hour work week plus commute. My fella is lucky he makes the cut, and that's only because we have regular schedules that sync up and are in constant communication. We text while simultaneously hating salespeople at our respective jobs where we are both overworked.

My friends, on the other hand, are a tricky bunch to keep in touch with. Of my closest friends one is training at a new job, one freelances full time so her schedule is inconsistent, one only works weekends, one is in her last semester at college, and one freelances on top of her full time job.

Admittedly I've distanced myself a bit from one of those friends for now, because her resentment for being the single one was showing and it was making me really uncomfortable. The rest of them are in the same boat I am so we never follow through on communicating anymore.

Burnout makes me lonely :(