Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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A post where my avatar might actually be appropriate

Saw that girl briefly yesterday when I attended her afternoon performance. I walked he to her car afterword and she gave me a ride home. Last night we both had other things going on and we've had a date scheduled for this evening for a couple days and that is still on. Anyway, what I had going on was cancelled due to shabby weather and when she got done with her thing she texted me and we ended up getting some froyo. Then we went to her place and made out for a couple hours.

AND we had a nice long talk about what we each want and where our boundaries and expectations lie and I think we're pretty much on exactly the same page right now. So I'm seeing her again tonight, after dinner we're probably not going to be able to keep our clothes on this time, and it's nice to actually have had a really open conversation about this stuff already. We both aren't completely sure of things yet, but we're both super interested and we made a pact to do lots of talking to keep each other on the same level. Talking makes things easy (or easier), yay!


ETA: and thanks to everyone who helped calm me down yesterday. Half of your posts were eaten by kinja, but I still got them. I get myself so worked up and seeing so many folks all saying such logical stuff really helped.

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