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...posted on Facebook mercilessly mocking Shia LaBeouf for speaking out about his rape. She outright said he "consented" by doing performance art, based on the convenient misconception about the terms of #IAMSORRY. Others joined in and said that Shia was a terrible person for "trivializing" rape, and a grand time was had being fucking glib and awful about rape.

This chick considers herself a real riot grrrl. She is an artist and has pink hair and is very committed to reproductive freedom and ending violence against women, you guys! Such credibility, unlike that "douche" Shia whose instability has been mocked and cynically repackaged as narcissistic celebrity antics for years by the gossip media. It's a good thing she uncritically buys into media narratives about celebrities she doesn't know and then uses it to dismiss rape, because otherwise, I might think she wasn't a dum-dum and a rank hypocrite.

I cannot stress this enough...if you fancy yourself a feminist but you're a mean girl who can't wait to shit on male victims of sexual assault, fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. You aren't helping women and you look like a goddamn hypocritical moron. Seriously, fuck off.


Oh, and Shia's accusations aren't remotely difficult to believe. Not even close. If you think they are, then you're living in a bubble or you're being willfully ignorant.

That is all. I've had it with this horseshit.

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