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A PSA for Those Who Suffer From Chronic Facebook "Headdesks"

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For those of us who have un-unfriendable uberconservatives in our Facebook life, the next few days aren't going to be pretty. Your feed will be more virulent, badly spelled, illogical, ignorant, fanatical, eschatological, and propagandized than it has been probably since Nov '12. You will hear about how tonight's vote will bring about The End Times, how this is all a gay abortuary conspiracy, how Obama's Muslim agenda is steamrolling our liberty (Murrica!) and paving the way for an Alkyda takeover, how the Communists sleeper agents in Congress are waking up, how sad Jesus is tonight, and how this doom has befallen us all because women work and kids learn science.


So, brave Warriors of the Light, I beseech you thus: Tread carefully, engage only after taking three calming breaths and a glug of your booze of choice, and DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING BUT BRAIN PAIN FOR YOUR TROUBLES.

Or do like I do, and pop in, scroll the feed, run screaming, close the tab, and determine to check next week.

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