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A question about customer service...Edited!

I need some real TRUTH in this matter. NO sugarcoating or anything like that. I want you guys to keep it real.

So, I just started a job (once a week) at a very quirky shop. The shop is fun, loosey goosey and a pretty cool place to work at, so far. I work there once a week, mind the shop and interact with customers regarding our products. I like to think that I'm helpful, but who knows.


On Monday, there were other employees at the shop (I'm usually on my own); that day was the first day that I met many of those who work there. Anyways, as I'm interacting with customers, one of the employees, lets call her "M", said something like this:

"Can I make a suggestion? When customers pay and say "Thank You," could you not say, "Sure, not problem, have a great day?" It sounds dismissive. It's similar to what happened to me while traveling to Australia and they would say "Ok, mate" I find it so dismissive and rude...." RANT,RANT,RANT.

ETA * Also, the expression on my face while she was telling me this:


Which, in turn, made her sound a bit more shrill...So, I guess I was being dismissive towards her.

Now, I do say that "Sure, not a problem..." all the time, it's just a reaction. I don't believe that I'm being dismissive in any way. What do you guys think about that? When I've shopped at other places and received similar replies, I never felt that it was dismissive or rude.


What's your opinion GT?

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