So I was hoping to ask the hive mind if there are any specific rules about reposting or bumps. I wrote this article last night about I think I posted it way too late at night (like 12AM) and it didn't get as many views as I was hoping. I wrote the article about him because he is so often overlooked and I am a little sore that I didn't really help. (Also on the more selfish side I was quite proud of it so I was a little bummed at the level of response). Someone suggested to me that I could just alter the time stamp and repost it but I didn't want to violate any rules or be rude/inconsiderate.

So if chritter is around (or anyone familiar with an existing guideline on this), some input would be much appreciated.

EDIT: I am now realizing that this is kind of serving as a pseudo bump, so if it is against the rules I would be happy to delete this as well.

[update] Thanks for all your input (and kind words). I shared it again.