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Welcome To The Bitchery

Last nights remake episode has been troubling me. Did the writers actually think the n word was the same as the word honky? I know middle aged write men wrote these episodes or are they implying this is what Helen Willis thinks?

I have not heard the term honky since the Jefferson’s ended so I do not know if it was a widely used slur or just a slur white writers thought African Americans used.

It always seemed like a toothless slur since it seems like a nonsense word that needs to be explained what it means. I will google it to see its history.


I was young when this show first aired. I am still shocked the n word was actually said on tv back then but I do recall original Roots used the term. I am not sure if they should have bleeped out the word last night.

You can see scene on YouTube type in Jeffersons Helen Honky. I am not displaying it here since it uses n word on the screen.

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