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A question about wedding dresses

Hello lovely ladies of GT who have been a bride at some point in their lives... I have a question about wedding dresses. Specifically, non-white wedding dresses.

Mr.TenInch and I are planning to get married some day in the future. We are not engaged, and I have not told my family about an impending wedding because I already get enough pressure from my mother/grandmother as it is and I do expect that pressure to multiply as soon as I make the announcement. My biggest apprehension comes from the fact that I am really averse to wearing a white gown. I just want to be comfortable and feel pretty and I feel prettiest and most comfortable in blaaaack black black as my soul black.

So the question is: am I allowed to wear black to get married? If I have a fairly traditional mother/family, what sort of push back from them should I anticipate? Will people give me shit for it AT my wedding? If you didn’t wear white, what sort of experience did you have with people’s reactions?


Here’s an absurd white dress for your troubles!

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