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A question for the ages (tipsy OT)

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So yeah, networking function. I can has alcohol

OMG you guys why is the charity sector full of close talkers? And spit talkers?

I just spent four hours with people standing in my intimate space, yelling at me and spitting on the hand covering my drink while music played so loudly I couldn’t hear what they were saying. And I really do mean intimate distance, not just personal distance.


I’m an extreme introvert who gets overstimulated when my partner has talk radio and World of Warcraft on at the same time, and who inadvertently demonstrated to my COM101 class (and its unsuspecting professor) that some people have much larger “intimate space” bubbles than others when I literally got walked out of my sandals when he volunteered me as a body to demonstrate proxemics.

How is this supposed to be fun again? (Looking back on the evening, not only did I comport myself with calm so that it would be not easy to tell that I hate this shit, I also didn’t have a panic attack. So, win. But seriously . . . ??????)

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