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A question for the Catholic (and ex-Catholic) gt-ers

I found out yesterday that I was baptized.

I am and atheist, my mom is an atheist, and my dad is an atheist. There was never any question of my having been baptized, because why would I have been?


But yesterday I was at my very Catholic paternal grandmother's memorial mass, and I was doing a reading. My aunt asked me to keep the whole atheism thing on the dl (which, duh, I'm not that tactless), because the priest had said that everyone doing a reading needed to be baptised, and she wasn't sure if I had been. And I said "oh, yeah, I definitely haven't been baptized. I'll be sure not to say anything"

And then my dad says "what are you talking about, of course you've been baptized!" And it turns out that my grandma had it done when I was a baby, with my day's knowledge, but not my mom's. I called my mom after the service, and asked her why she hadn't told me I'd been baptized, and she said the same thing as I had "of course you've never been baptized, why would you?"


so now my dilemma. I'm really uncomfortable being counted as a member of a religion I've never practiced, and does a lot of things I disagree with. I know its just a drop in the bucket, but I don't like that the church can now say "we have 1,000,001 members" instead of "we have 1,000,000 members" because of something I had no say in, and would never have agreed to, given a choice.

So is there any way to...ex-communicate myself? Like, call the pope or whoever, and be like "I had lesbian sex, and a whole bunch of abortions, and I eat meat on Fridays during lent on purpose" and get him to throw me out?


Im feeling really betrayed by my dad right now (and I'm not sure why, since its not like he's ever come through for me before), and I just want to find something concrete that I can do about it.


Thanks guys, I guess I just figured the Church would actually have pretty accurate numbers, because it's such a structured religion, with parishes and Diocese and such things. But if it's communion that gets you counted, and not baptism, I suppose I'm fine.

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