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A question for the mature womyn of GT

Are hot flashes supposed to kill me? Because I feel like they're going to. I am shedding so much water I am convinced I am clinically dehydrated. I don't know what temperature I am, and I can't judge the temperature of the room I am in. I come in from outside and my place feels like a Turkish bath, so I turn the heat off. I get a hot flash and have to rip off at least one layer of clothing. Then all the sweat lying on my skin goes cold in reaction to the room temperature and suddenly I am freezing so I turn the head back on and jump into bed where I shiver until the next hot flash comes on. I am getting them like every half hour, maybe every 45 minutes. I am generally good at enduring what the body throws at me (except for head/tooth pain because that is THE WORST), but this is like a new and exceptional form of torture.

I can't believe how much my head can sweat. It starts behind my ears and runs down my jawline, and often occurs at mealtime, so I spent a lot of time in NYC surreptitiously dabbing at the point of my chin and hoping that everyone was too busy staring at their own plates to notice me melting into a puddle.


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