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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A Question For the Singles of Groupthink

How is everyone managing dating during the pandemic? As most of my friends seem to be in long term relationships these days (damn them) there are fewer opportunities to discuss this in my day to day life, and goddamnit I’m so confused.

To not mince words, I would very much like to have sex again before 2021. However as there aren’t even prospects on the horizon right now, I’m relegated to online dating.


As a raging hypochondriac, at what point am I supposed to be comfortable meeting up with someone, considering everything else? And then I suppose you can do a socially distanced date or two, but then there is this whole new milestone about when you would feel okay not being socially distant?

This is less of a question and much more of a vent I suppose. Feel free to use this as a general ot to vent about dating in the pandemic.

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