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A question on introversion, or, why extroverts gotta be stupid though?

Okay, bear with me.

I am outgoing. Super crazy outgoing. I don’t get exhausted with social interaction (unless I’m sick or something), I am usually the life of any party without effort. Small talk doesn’t annoy me, I just see it as a conversation appetizer, not an entree. But at the same time, I’m just as happy having deep cerebral conversations as I am goofing off with the masses.

Can someone please explain then why whenever there is an article (op-ed, personal essay, or academic) about introversion v extroversion, introversion is painted as more noble? I see it as a backhanded compliment when an article is like, “Extroversion is rewarded in our society, but it’s cool because introverts are so much deeeeeeeeeper” like being more selective than some others about conversations, connections, and other social relationships puts introverts on a higher plane somehow? (Like in the link below)


Now, this isn’t to say society isn’t built for the more rambunctious among us; it is. I have managed to unintentionally craft a close circle of introverts as bffs (I don’t know how that happened. It just did). I’ve been told by these close introverted buddies that they’d kill to not think twice about entering a room full of people they don’t know, or not be nervous/mentally taxed at the thought of a huge and bustling party (I love those!). I try to be sensitive to the needs of those friends, even though I don’t truly understand it because I’m just not that way. However, I have to admit, it makes me want to punch people to be painted as some kind of oaf because I vibe off of a huge crowd, or crazy party, or small talk.

And I’m content spending my time inside reading a cool book, or perusing the news in the quiet early morning hours alone, thank you very much!

So I ask you GT (especially because there are lots of self-proclaimed introverts among us), am I just seeing things? I feel like extroverts are seen as buffoons for real though! (Or at least painted as such).

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