Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, it’s been a very stressful last week and a half-ish! But, like, in a good way!

So when last I was here HusbandVader and I had been approved for financing, including down payment and closing cost assistance, and were making a list of properties to prep for an interview with an agent. She turned out to be a great fit for us and we were able to view one place that day (last Wednesday) and 4 the next. There were two that went off our list right away- they needed too much work or their quirks couldn’t be mitigated by the rest of the house. One was a maybe, but they were Scientologists with a fly infestation and trampoline-covered murder pit whose house was good but not great for us. Our top two were an aggressively blue recent flip that has a ton of space but needs a new driveway and a slightly smaller but move-in ready house that was only on our list because it’s number 420 but is actually totally awesome.

We put in an offer on the 420 house on Friday, got a counteroffer this morning, countered the counter this afternoon, and by 6:30 we were in agreement. Sooooo we’re buying a house!! Obviously have to get through all the hoops, but this could really happen! Now to mentally decorate and plan and fantasy-buy stuff.


Also just found out that my best friend (who works with HusbandVader) just got approved to work remote full-time so he can move West with his girlfriend! We’ll all be moving around the same time, which sucks because we usually help each other, but I’m so glad he’s getting to do this and start a new phase of his life. We have a friend in Colorado so we’re already planning “meet in the middle” vacations.

What’s good, GT?? I saw there’s a debate thread so I’d like to keep this one non-politics if possible!

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