Call it misandry, but having a whole episode from Jamie's perspective โ€” particularly the first episode back after a way-the-fuck-too-long hiatus โ€” was insanely boring.

Luckily I missed the fact that it came back last week, so I was able to watch both the premiere and the follow-up episode in one night, and the second episode does mostly return us to Claire's point of view.

But what that made the one-off Jamie episode interesting (a term I use loosely and ironically) is how much all of the historical rebellion stuff is totally superfluous to the show's charm and focus. Maybe I'm a bad viewer, but I just don't care what's brewing politically โ€” I want more naked field dancing, bigamy guilt, and fairy hills.

I guess mostly I'm worried that this was an attempt on the part of the show to draw in a bigger male audience, but that horse has surely left the gate by now.


Is anyone else watching? Thoughts? Misandry?