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A Quick Recap Of Going Down Stupid Rabbit Holes Post Mass Shootings

The rabbit hole hour of the day is “mental health” to blame for mass shootings. Not the gun that sprayed over a 100 bullets at Parkland killing 17 or the hundreds of bullets sprayed at Las Vegas. Never the guns fault or why we need assault weapons off the shelves. Never the manufacturers or gun sellers.

Let’s recall how we got here. The ultimate rabbit hole. The videogame rabbit hole. If you recall Columbine one name should stand out especially if you active on videogame message boards on usenet or gamefaqs. Or watched the news. That person was Jack Thompson.

Decades long rabbit hole of “its DOOMs fault or Sony’s Playstation or Nintendo”. Well Nintendo was spared a lot of wrath. DOOM well took it on the chin especially after Columbine.


If you played DOOM then it was groundbreaking. Super Mario Brothers for the NES was groundbreaking for a 2d world with perfect controls and puzzle along with carefully hidden secrets. DOOM was that in 3d. I confess I liked Wolfenstein slightly better. Does killing videogame Nazis ever get old? No.

Yet here was Jack Thompson leading a campaign into this rabbit hole. Sadly democrats went along one reason why I despise Senator Leiberman to this day besides weaking the ACA especially his refusal to drop Medicare to 55. We are paying for that today. I just hate him so much.

So no this blame it on mental health not guns is not the first rabbit hole.

Jack’s wikipage for a reminder.

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