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A Quick Thought About Why Trump Won

First I am amazed that accordng to CNN and MSNBC Trump won 29 percent of Hispanic vote.  

I believe Trump won simply by getting Wisconsin, Michigan and PA. I never dreamt he would win all 33. Plus Ohio which unlike above three is known to flip back and forth.

I remember Senator Sanders really struck a chord with his hatred of NAFTA and TPP. This lead him to upset Hillary in Michigan. Although all three states have been heavy non government union worker state. Union workers have been crushed in last few decades a major reason being trade.


Trump picked up heavily on Senator Sander’s heavy antitrade talk. Something he was in fact doing already.

Hillary when it comes to trade is far more republican then Trump is. Traditionally neither party is protectionist nor anti free trade.

Trump and Sanders both struck a strong anti trade chord. Trump won the states most affected by trade. If she had won PA, WI and MI I believe she would have won. Although you may need Ohio. Yet even Ohio also is a state that was hurt by free trade.

Did emtire election come down to trade? How did Trump get 29 percent of.Hispanic vote?


I confess I may be grasping at straws. I still think white democratic voters voted for Trump over trade.

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