Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Seriously, does nobody in the world think "Hey, I should maybe read the responses to this comment before I post my own"? Is everyone such a god damned special little snowflake that they think "this point couldn't possibly have been made before, let me be the first" whenever a thought enters their head.

A little while ago on an article about going to prom I asked "Who in the world goes to Prom all four years of high school". Now, I didn't make it clear in that largely rhetorical question that what I was really asking was "Why in the world would anyone want to go to Prom 4 times" but, boy howdy, were you wondering if it was technically possible to go to the prom four different times provided you're invited as a Freshman and Sophomore? Because you can! And everyone thought it was super important to point that fact out to me individually. And why not? I mean, it's not like reading the responses to me would have taken no time at all. That shit needed to be said.


Now it looks like I'm going to get to hear all about the various ways points exist in the World of Warcraft. The lessons here as always:

1. I don't learn my lesson.

2. People are just the worst.

3. Lists look better if they have three items.

In closing, I hate the world. I'm now actively rooting for Global Warming.

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