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I have talked a fair bit about how annoying Mr Ivriniel’s brother and wife are. Last nigh I found out how vicious she can be.

Mr I and I went to visit a couple who are (or at least were) mutual friends with the Annoying Inlaws. This couple has a daughter who is about 2 and they are expecting their second child in March. Their daughter was born around the time that ASiL had a string of two miscarriages, and after the couple’s daughter was born, they didn’t see the Annoying Inlaws for a while, which is completely understandable.

What is less understandable is that when they Annoying Inlaws did finally come, ASiL said to the new Mom “Sorry we didn’t come before, but you have what I want, and it hurts too much.” As if the other couple was supposed to apologize to her for having a successful pregnancy or something.


So anyways, when the couple told the annoying Inlaws about their second pregnancy, ASiL flipped out, accusing them of throwing the pregnancy in her face, by you know, telling them that they were pregnant.

The next day however, she really lashed out. Apparently over 10 years ago, the woman from this couple had had an abortion, and at some point had confided in ASiL. So ASiL decided to text her saying something to the effect of: “ I was supportive of you when you told me about your abortion, and now you are not being supportive of me and my fertility struggles by throwing your pregnancy in my face!”

The pregnant woman decided not to dignify that with a response, and hasn’t heard from ASiL since. ABiL still texts her, and calls the couple when ASiL isn’t around, but the couple thinks that ABiL has no clue what his wife did.

My pregnant friend also told me that back when she was trying to get pregnant with her first child, ASiL told the friend on multiple occasions that she was too fat to get pregnant, and once referred to her as obese.


ASiL is really hung up on the idea that thin = healthy. I am willing to bet that at least part of her lashing out is that in her mind, SHE is the healthy, virtuous one, so she should be pregnant, not the “fat slut” who had an abortion.

My other Inlaws tell me that she has talked about how I am too fat to get pregnant behind my back (funny how she assumes our fertility issues are my problem) and I was present for a conversation between ASiL and Mr. I’s best friend where the best friend asked ASiL about pregnancy, and got thinly veiled fat shaming as a response. This is definitely a thing with her.


ASiL really needs to get some help. Back in August, ABiL told Mr. I that ASiL was still really depressed about her miscarriages, and Mr. I suggested that she needed some counselling. ABiL agreed, but as far as we know nothing has happened on that front. I am wondering if Mr. I should maybe follow up with ABiL? Or if that would just make things worse? It’s hard to gage with them.

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