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Welcome To The Bitchery
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As you may or may have not seen, Friday night I drank a tad. Maybe more like 4 margaritas, which is more alcohol than I've had in 5 years. I was not breaking sobriety of any type, my non-drinking was by choice.
I wanted to tell you guys all about it as soon as I got home, but tequila and Kinja confusion don't seem to go hand-in-hand.


I had what was the start to a sucky Friday...I'm refusing to let this divorce to be unhappy or upset me past the grieving, but Mr. Bright Eyes said something that was quite upsetting. I have a tremendous family who were all upset for me, but sometimes you don't need 5 people in your corner telling you how upset you deserve to be. Sometimes you just need them to shut it...no matter how kind and protective their thoughts are.
Tl;dr- I took an anti-anxiety and passed out.

But...THEN I woke up to a text message from my best friend from high school (who has also really stepped up during the divorce sitch) about getting dinner with one of our other best friends! It was delightful! I didn't have to drive- I received door-to-door service, so I could drink to my heart's content.


Booze or no, I just had a really great time! I convinced one of my friends to come with me/as my date for a Christmas party I have to attend, so yay!!

AND, what reminded me that I wanted to share all of this with you guys is: I found a graduate program at UTSA that I really want to attend! It's a Master's in Literacy Education, which I already have a bunch of experience with through work and grants I have written. I can be admitted as early as next summer and working part-time I think I can afford to handle it sans large loans!


I haven't been this excited or hopeful about things in such a long time!

I also forgot to write what I'm thankful this year: It's you guys. It's Groupthink and all of you. Since June my life and happiness have been increasingly better. I talk to more of y'all on a daily basis than I've talked to anyone other than my Mom or husband over the past 5 years. I have friends amongst you ladies and dudes that I'd get on a plane to help at the drop of a hat and most, if not all of you know more about me than my IRL friends. So while I'm incredibly blessed with the things I need, food on the table, dogs and family, this year I'm the most thankful for y'all.


Bright Eyes out :-D

To whomever gave me this image to feel better, I'm still in love with it and it expresses my current emotions!!

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