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Welcome To The Bitchery

I bought an app today that will supposedly help me be more organised about my clothes and then I threw all my clothes on the bed and tried.

It’s slow going because I need to take a photo of every piece and edit it and I am not fast. So my closet contained two work dresses, two t shirts, t pairs of jeans, a blouse and two work skirts when I threw in the towel for the day. It’s a four day week next week, so my goal is to have enough for that.

What has become evident (and what I hope will be addressed) is how differently my husband and I see my clothes. He was a teen in the 80s and his preferences reflect that. I am a 90s girl and I was very grateful for some of those trends. This causes disagreements, and there are a number of pieces in my closet that were bought at his instigation that I never wear. At least one was on the chopping block today and managed to get back in (he was at work for most of the day, I had it off as it is a public holiday and I got him to help when he got home).the app has a stats option for how often something is worn, looking forward to using that to jettison the pieces.


He likes to shop more than me, and likes to find “bargains” I manage to reject most, but constantly saying no is tiring. Periodically he does recognise that what he is doing makes me unhappy, and stops for a while. The big frustration for me is shoes- I have wide feet with a high instep and so many issues. I have a lot of childhood bad memories of shoe shopping because of my feet -I always wanted scrappy sandals, but my feet suit birkenstocks - which I have come to appreciate. My husband likes pointy shoes with straps at the wrong place and terrible thin soles. They don’t even fit onto my feet, and I have had enough of that in my life. So I say no, he gets irritated and bugs me more. I crack and try some on, they don’t fit and he gets more outlandish (wear much bigger sizes etc) I get frustrated and lose my temper. I have my own style, my preferences but he doesn’t see those. Which is odd, as he defers to my aesthetic opinion in most other things.

So I have too many clothes and want to get rid of some. Everything my husband suggests is something I value, and he sneaks my to be thrown bits back in.

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