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A rant and a question about student access to birth control

So, I was just hired at a small Catholic university. While looking through the literature they gave me (literally 5 folders worth) I came across a flier for the health center and noticed that (perhaps unsurprisingly) there was no mention of birth control. As someone who went through the state university system I'm used to having access to cheap, or even free condoms as well as a dr or nurse who is more than willing to prescribe other forms of BC. Now, I am aware that many catholic institutions have been fighting for the "right" to deny employees BC, so I guess it really shouldn't be a surprise that they aren't stoked on the idea of handing it out to students, but I was kind of appalled. Then I thought that maybe they don't advertise it, but they must provide it if asked, right? Well, according to my co-worker, the nurse who runs the clinic is very opposed to BC and will not prescribe it. I also asked about if the students recieve any kind of sex Ed in their first-year experience class, and my co-worker said no. Also, this conversation was prompted by a story about one of her students who ended up pregnant.


Guys, I'm really worried about these kids and suddenly have a desire to covertly provide them with BC, like a condom-bearing Johnny Appleseed. I already looked for the local PP's which exist but are definitely a 30 minute drive away at least. Are there other resources I can look into for cheap/free BC? I feel like actually handing out condoms might be taken the wrong way, but I really want to at least point these kids to the right resources.

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