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A Rant in Which I X-Out the Thing that Would Make this Make Sense, So This Probably Won't Make Sense

Well, thanks for the compliment and thanks for the stereotyping. You saw me in a play, you "loved it," and then you tell me this: "As soon as I heard your voice, I whispered to my wife you are a XX XXX." You know I'm am actor, right? I mean, you sat in the audience, and I ran around the stage and said someone else's words and wore someone else's clothes and did someone else's moves* ... so ... I'm assuming you understood the rules of our relationship: I act, you watch/listen/experience. So if I had an accent and did things my voice, don't you think I did that for the sake of my character? You know, being an actor and all... opposed to automatically deciding that because I used that voice I, as myself and not the character, am a XX XXX. So you decided that my accent in the play (which is not my actual accent, p.s.) is an indicator of where I am from, and then for some reason you also decided that I am not only from XX but that I am a XXX—which I can only assume you assumed because of HOW I LOOK. Whether you are right or not, you made an assumption on my voice and looks that I am something from somewhere that doesn't f'ing matter because HOLY SHIT JUST ENJOY MY PERFORMANCE WITHOUT HAVING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE I'M FROM AND HOW I IDENTIFY.

And I get it, you're also from XX, so you want to make a connection. Ok, that's just human, we all do that. But again, sir,** I'm an actor. I could be from anywhere. I could be an anywho. I was playing a character from XX, but so were the other actors. In fact, the whole play took place in XX. So... did you also send them emails with "compliments" just to ask them if they're from XX as well, or just me because:

a) I was that good that I convinced you that I'm from XX in real life?

b) I also look like I'm a XXX and therefore must be from XX?

c) You somehow thought that figuring out my identity me as a XXX would win you a prize?


Here's your answer, by the way:

I am an actor. Get over it.

* That's not really how acting works, but sometimes it sure does feel that way.

** with a lowercase "s" on purpose

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