Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...I'll take that, too, because SmallBeaver is officially being bullied again - this time, at her once-perfect refuge: dance. Here is a list of what has happened:

  1. Kids calling her a baby and telling her she sucks at dance because they have grouped her by ability rather than age (she is accelerated)
  2. Kids calling her a liar because they discovered she is X* grades ahead in Math after hectoring her for that exact detail of her homeschooling
  3. Her bag emptied and left in the middle of the change room, day after day after day - bodysuits, bun pins, hair nets, dance shoes everywhere
  4. Her ballet and character shoes stolen (and probably disposed of)
  5. Her Math Scribbler stolen (and probably disposed of)
  6. Her prescription glasses stolen out of her bag (and probably disposed of - the final straw and definitive proof that none of this is accidental - I personally took them off her face, put them in there after she left for class, and they were not there when I picked her up, two classes later.)

The studio is being great - the Director of the Intensive program labelled it jealousy (which I would never have thought of - apparently she is TOP of the year! I'm giving myself permission to be excited about that today because a) I had no idea and b) I need some good news - so really I'm only ranting because WHYYYYYYYYYY CHILDREN, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY CAN'T YOU LEAVE HER ALONE SHE JUST LIKES TO DANCE?

*It's a lot - I only omit the specific number because it's A LOT, A LOT and that generally makes people uncomfortable. Not trying to vague post.

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