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A Rant: The word lie

Rant on Walter Matthau rant face.

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Is this word too hard for any in media to say.

Really who uses:

“Loose with the truth”, “distortion of the facts”, “factually incorrect”, “fabricating “, “loose with the facts” and my favorite “untruth”.


Have you ever said or know anyone who says “that’s an untruth” except in the media. Do you hear “unfalse” or “unlie”. Its silly and stupid.

I doubt any parents here would let their child say and get away with “but its not a lie its just factually incorrect” or “but its just an untruth”. I am sure same can be said for those in relationships.


Media needs to call a lie a lie. Enough with the euphemisms. What’s next “he bought the farm” or “she arrived by stork”.

Rant over.

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