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Welcome To The Bitchery
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a reminder to never, ever befriend coworkers on Facebook

even when you think they're actually your real life friends.

I wrote a post briefly bitching about the marketing document that I wrote about here on Facebook. I used no bad language, I didn't badmouth the company. I just bitched about marketing language in general. My facebook is very, very private. All you can see if you're not friends with me is my profile photo. I know this - I had a stalker ex-boyfriend. I've tested it thoroughly.


I only have three facebook friends from work. All of them are people I actually think of as friends and who have the same problems with marketing that I do. But I still got a warning message from one of them saying I should probably delete my post and that the wrong people had seen it. I KNOW no one could see it other than those three people. So did one of them show someone? Or were they just cautioning me in advance in case the wrong people saw? Anyway, it doesn't really matter, because my managers are awesome and understand my frustration with marketing and I've already been open with them about how I feel, but it just made me feel unsafe and spied on and kind of stupid for trusting people that I thought were trustworthy.

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