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So it was our Niece's second birthday this week. Mr. Ivriniel has been crazy busy, logging long hours at a client who had a catastrophic failure of their database, and forgot about the birthday until I reminded him, around 11 PM.

So anyways, the day after her birthday, my annoying BiL texts Mr. I:

"I thought that I'd let you know that Niece went to bed in tears since her Uncle Mr. Ivriniel did not call on her birthday."


WTF. She's two. She doesn't know what a birthday is. (Hell, a few of weeks ago, she was calling her ten year old cousin "Mommy". If she's having trouble with the concept of Mommy, then I doubt she really understands birthday phone calls). The only way she was expecting his call was if they primed her.

And if she were truly upset, it's not like my annoying BiL couldn't have texted something last night like "Niece is really looking forward to a birthday call from you, and it's her bedtime soon."

As regular readers of the Annoying Inlaw saga may recall, ABiL has weird issues around birthdays, and this feels like him projecting his issues on to his two year old.

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