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A Romance Plagarism Scandal!

Did no one seriously question how in the world this woman was churning out 15 novels a year? If Jane The Virgin has taught me anything, the romance novel crowd is super intense about their books and authors. I’m surprised it wasn’t picked up sooner than 5 years.

In hilarious semi-related news from Veridian Dynamics, I heard a great bit of gossip about our fancy high tech international teleconferencing room. We had a small meeting of executive assistants (not my role, but I am a backup for them), and the head assistant told us about when the IT guy was training her on the new equipment for teleconferencing. You see, the room looks like something out of the Truman Show, with giant monitors and cameras that can see every angle from the conference table up.


Well wouldn’t you know it, they turned on the camera in another teleconference office and caught an unnamed exec by surprise. Next thing you know, the exec who was sitting right in front of the camera zipped up his pants and a woman crawled out from under the conference table and ran off.


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