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A Rough Reaction to Finding Out You're Having Twins

So this happened about four weeks ago.

1st thought: Oh, God, there the baby actually is on the ultrasound. And they see a heartbeat. It's actually there, I'm actually pregnant, and this is really happening.

Nurse: And over here, we have a womb-mate! Looks like twins!

Me: .... ..... twins?

Husband: *turns white, grips my hand harder*

Nurse: And it here's this one's heartbeat... now let me scan a bit more to make sure I'm not missing any...



Nurse: Looks like that's it!

Me: *biggest internal sigh of relief in my entire life*

*Nurse prints us out a bunch of pictures from the ultrasound and leaves*

*Husband and I leave, and go sit outside the hospital*

Me: Twins, huh?

Husband: We're going to need a bigger car.

Me: We're going to need to hide all of our Game of Thrones books once they learn how to read.

Husband: Oh, God. Yes.

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