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A round-up of cozy mystery tv shows

Inspired by my discovery of Father Brown on Netflix.

So pretty much my fantasy life is to live in some idyllic setting with a seedy underbelly of murder - but murder that can always be solved with a plucky detective and a one-liner or two. In other words, the saccharine and vinegar world of cozy mysteries.


As previously mentioned, Father Brown is my latest find. It’s on Netflix and exactly what it sounds like. A period piece about a curious priest in a small country village with way too many murders. I’m only on the first episode and I can already tell this is going to keep me busy on my evenings for quite a while, especially at 5 seasons.

Another favorite is Rosemary and Thyme, about a pair of best friend gardeners who always seem to work in the gardens of people who end up dying under mysterious circumstances. I think one of the charms about the show, at least for me (well, only for me), is that the character of Rosemary resembles my mom in terms of physical appearance, taste in clothes, and mannerisms - which means that it’s almost like I’m watching an alternate reality in which my mom has a ex-cop now-gardener best friend who she solves murders with. Not unrelated, I watched this show with my mom and she loved it.

Rosemary and Thyme is not on Netflix streaming anymore (boo) but I found this amazing Youtube playlist with all the episodes, so you can use that before it’s taken down, and I assume there are other ways to access it through pay to view services as well.


My mom also loved watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries with me, which is still on Netflix. Another period piece that is exactly what it sounds like - but also the sexiest show on this list, with gorgeous clothes, gorgeous people, and at least one tiny golden gun. It’s also intentionally feminist (although it really trips itself up when it tries to cover race). Miss Fisher is a private detective before her time, who solves cases with the help of her plucky maid and gruff police detective are-they-or-aren’t-they boyfriend. (They are.)


Seriously though, the show is gorgeous. I don’t think I could possibly post enough pictures of it.


Of course, such a list would be incomplete without the mention of Murder, She Wrote. If you don’t know that tv series, what are you even doing here? The show about a murder mystery writer whose real life often inspires her books is a classic. I also kind of love the theory that she’s a serial killer. Available on Netflix.


More honorable mentions go to Death in Paradise and Murdoch Mysteries. And of course, my American favorite, Psych.


What say you, hivemind? Like/love/hate any of these shows? How do you feel about the cozy mystery genre overall?

And most importantly - any recs of your own?

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