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Last week the main page had a piece on the Cultural Appropriation mess that the Can Lit and Canadian Media is involved in. I have been following the issue on Twitter, and thought I would share some of the best pieces I have read:

From Robert Jago, a Mohawk Writer

On Cultural Appropriation, Canadians Are HypocritesCitizens of this country believe in the value of protecting one’s culture—except when it comes … Read on thewalrus.​ca


From Aylan Couchie, an Anishnaabe artist:

From Alicia Elliot, a Tuskarora writer. Her piece is a slightly reworked version of what she had printed in the edition of Write magazine that kicked off the current mess.



Andray Domise is a black community activist from Toronto, and a columnist for McLean’s Magazine


And finally, here is a link to an Indiegogo campaign started by Robin Parker, a Toronto lawyer, which is to go towards the creation of a literary prize for Emerging Indigenous writers. They were initially looking for $10 000 but are now up past $80 000.


And as a bonus, here is an tweet by Andray Domise in a thread responding to Robert Jago’s piece by deconstructing the zombie trope.


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