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A sad realization...

So as some of you may know, my silly OKC post got mainpaged yesterday...because the post involves women on dating sites, all the "not all men" men came out of the woodwork to "tell us how it is," aka mansplain dating to us.

Why is it that men would rather take dating advice from other men rather than just ask women what prompts them to want to go out with a particular man?


Oh, that's right...women aren't considered experts on their own lives...we have NO IDEA what we want...only men do!

Men, if you're having trouble getting women to respond to your messages on dating sites, here's a suggestion: just. fucking. ask. us. what we respond to. You don't need to consult PUAs or DrNerdLove...they are MEN and they have therefore never been a woman on an online dating site, so how the fuck would they know?


I'm sure many of you have women in your life who'd be more than willing to help you out! When I made my first online dating profile, guess who I consulted? That's right, a heterosexual man! You know, one of the members of the population I was interested in!

So I think it's time you all started trusting that we know what we want. Perhaps you might start hearing back from more of us and actually succeed in getting dates...

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