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A Scary Thing That Happened

Sometimes, because of the nature of my job, I have to deal with stuff that just ain't in the job description. Which is why I got to spend thirty minutes this evening cradling a 80-year-old woman on the floor as blood poured out of her nose and from the gash on the bridge of her nose after she fell.

There is absolutely no reason I should be the one to be in charge of a situation like this. My training is in MUSIC, not medicine. But because I'm the Queen of the Choir Room, I suddenly get to be the one in charge of all situations, whether they have anything to do with music or not. My accompanist is a nurse, fer cryin' out loud! And even he was looking at me and asking what to do. So I kept making up new jobs for all of the people who wanted to crowd around asking to help. "Could you go get me some more paper towels, please?" (never mind that I have a stack already) "I need a trash can, thank you." "I need a cold, wet paper towel, if you don't mind." (even though I have a stack of wet paper towels, as well as a bag and bucket, both full of ice) "Could you go get me my keys, please?" "Thank-you, now, here's the key to the side door. Could you make sure it's unlocked for me?" "I really need someone to check the coffee pot so it doesn't get left on too long. Could you do that for me? Thanks."


Luckily, she was mostly lucid, but she did drift a few times and I had a job keeping her sitting up and calm. She has a really nice bump on her forehead to go with the gashed and possibly broken nose.

It never ceases to amaze me the things people focus on when they are injured. She kept worrying about the fact that she was taking time away from my rehearsal (as if ANYONE was concerned with that right then) and that I shouldn't be sitting on the floor when I was "all dolled up." (Which I really wasn't, but I'm such a horrible person that my first thought after she said that was that I really hoped that if I looked extra pretty tonight Schroeder had noticed, too. Not that I'll ever know if he did. Damn him for being a reserved, solid, highly professional person capable of acting rationally and without being a slave to his passions. Hmph.)


But, all seems to be OK. Luckily, this lady lives with her daughter and son-in-law, so she'll be close to help if needed and they can monitor her. The ER was really busy and crowded and wouldn't let the pastor stay with her (only one visitor per patient and daughters take precedence over clergy, obvs) so I don't know what the official prognosis is, but evidently the bleeding had all stopped by the time he got her to the hospital, she probably didn't need stitches, and they are probably going to keep her overnight for observation because of the head bump.

That was my excitement for the day; what was yours?

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