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A Semi-Regular List of Random Things

It seems most of my thoughts are random and/or small lately. Here are some. Comment at will, and add your own!

1. We’ve covered the fact that women’s clothing is awful about not having workable pockets in pants and skirts. On the flip side, why do so many women’s shirts have breast pockets? Does anyone actually use them? Why do I want pockets on my boobs?

2. Confession - I’ve never had a pumpkin spice anything.

3. What’s your water preference - sparkling or natural? Me, I’m all about the bubbles. Also, cold (with or without ice) or room temperature? Room temperature, always.


4. While I can afford it, there is little acknowledgement from my family that it costs me several hundred dollars (on top of gifts) to come home for the obligatory holidays.

5. I want a new soccer jersey. I do not need a new soccer jersey.

6. If I ever won big in the lottery, 95% of my family would get nothing. My favorite clerks at the 7-11, the office staff at my complex, my trainer, my pet sitter (as well as multiple charities) would get some hella nice bonuses/gifts.

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