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People suck. Feminists are hypocritical. Stop gender policing infants.

"They gave her one 'traditional' boys name and one 'traditional' girls name. What the F is the problem here? That the child has been given options while it is still young enough to not know it might want them? Why is everyone so protective of kids bucking traditional gender roles when they get old enough to get bullied for buying pink backpacks while in possession of a penis or whatever, but everyone is still so dead set on continuing gender traditions that cause the bullying in the first place? If/when this kid shows signs of depression due to being not cis/straight you guys will be all over pretending to protect her rights to be who she wants to be. God forbid we actually try to change the world to make it less depressing for lgbt kids in the first place. Clearly, god forbid anyone else does if you don't want to try.

Here are a bunch of adults on a pseudo-feminist website wringing their hands and concern trolling a kid's parents for giving their child 'the wrong gendered name'. God forbid they dress her in blue stripes, amirite? No one is forcing you to name your kids anything, but my word! For a bunch of people who claim to want equality between the sexes and talk about 'smashing patriarchy' all the time, an awful lot of you seem to have a serious desire to police the hell out of the gender of even infants.

31 stars (and counting) and an entire thread. My god. You'd think they admitted to adding lye to her milk. This queer thinks it would be awesome if you all just admitted that you don't give a fuck about the bullying of queer/trans youth/people instead of pretending you're all allies and then going all concern troll when someone dares to give their children gender options. Please explain to me exactly how this hurts this child (besides the homo/transphobic bullying of children and adults like you everywhere). This covert 'I'm not phobic, I'm just the gender police'-phobic bullshit is wearing on me. And I can't fucking stand Ashton Kutcher.

Feminism is supposed to be for all women. Not just white women. Not just cishet women. Even women named Wyatt."


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