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A shibboleth I hadn't previously been aware of


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So, I was reading comments in the i09 article about the Trans comic artist who has been getting death threats and unsurprisingly there was a shitty troll comment. Another commenter pointed out a slightly peculiar word choice on the troll’s part and asked “who even says ‘normies’”? So, I did a quick web search.


First results included “Know Your Meme” citing its popularity on certain 4Chan boards. Most of the rest of the results on the first page either were or linked to sites like the Daily Stormer. By the looks of it, if you see someone talking about “normies” there’s a good chance they spend a lot of time on white supremacist / alt-reich sites.

Which also means (considering they didn’t invent the slang word out of whole cloth) if you were using the word as a cute way to refer to your own not fitting in with mainstream culture / neurotypical people / etc. normality you might want to be aware it may inadvertently identify you as a hateful person.

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