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A Short Commentary On SNL's Skit 'Dyke and Fats'

I hate it. I hate it so much and I'll tell you why. The punchline is two women literally named Dyke and Fats who scream like (stereotypical angry feminists?) at a bewildered looking dude who simply uses their names in earnest. The skit running up to the punchline is nothing more than a bunch of fat and lesbian jokes. That is the whole skit.

I cannot see this as a positive thing. I wanted so hard to get the joke and it looks even to me like a joke about 'harpy feminists' with a bit of laughing at fat women and lesbians thrown in. I'm trying so hard to see the good parts of this and I just can't.


Even if it has good intentions, most people last night were laughing at Dyke and Fats, not with them, lets be real.

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