Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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A sigh of the apocalypse?

I am making IP jambalaya - the last step of which is to mix in some raw shrimp into the (almost) finished product. I grabbed the bag of defrosted shrimp from the fridge and accidentally pulled out a carton w/half a dozen eggs in it - it hit the floor, popped open and no eggs were broken!?!?!

The title was supposed to be ‘sign’ but....

I have noticed that the jambalaya should not be eaten on the day it was made b/c it appears really soupy and needs to spend time in the fridge so all the ingredients get to know each other and most of the liquid is absorbed back into the dish. I never let that slow me down. I have a bowl of it in front of me now - it is sooooo good.


This is my first authored post in 7+ years (thank you for the privilege)

Time for another bowl.

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