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A sign your day is probs gonna be terrible.

Can I just say I am totally over taking the subway? Like SO FUCKING OVER IT.

During my commute this morning, the turnstile kept having me swipe my metrocard (Can we just switch to a tap system already?!). The station I go to isn't super crowded at the time I get there, so I wasn't holding anyone up. I'm minding my own business, swiping and swiping my card again when so some random a-hole who hangs out in the station trying to sell swipes is like "That one don't work use a different one." A) no one asked you B) Any person who takes the subway knows that if I were to swipe it at a different one, it would say "just used". I was already irritated so I said tersely, "could you not talk to me, thanks." AND HE GOT ANGRY. He got angry because I didn't want his advice and I didn't want to talk to him. So he started raising his voice saying that I was rude and he was just trying to "help." He just kept going, so I raised my voice and said, "I said stop fucking talking to me." and he WENT OFF. He started shouting at me and basically everyone around me, "you stupid, ugly, white, bitch I'm trying to help you. YOU'RE LUCKY I DON'T THROW SOMETHING IN YOUR FACE."

I had already disengaged from situation after I told him to stop fucking talking to me, but he just kept fucking going. By this time, I was buying a temp metrocard because I wanted to get the fuck out of there and he's still shouting at me and anyone who will listen about how I'm an ugly bitch and he's just trying to help. He was saying this to other people about me like trying to get them to agree (or at least that's what it seemed like) and to make me look bad. Even after I finally went through the turnstile he was still yelling. I could hear him while I was down on the platform. As I was waiting for the train I was shaking with rage and trying not to cry because HOW DARE YOU MAKE MY COMMUTE WORSE. Like it's not already bad enough it's cold and I have to take two trains to a stupid job, but you want to fucking threaten me?


Anyways. In retrospect, I feel like I shouldn't have said anything to him at all when he was giving me unsolicited advice. But I feel like he probably would have also gotten mad at me for not responding. A no-win scenario really. I mostly mad that I let it bother me so much. Because this shit happens and I have to learn to deal with it. I irritated that I'll probably be thinking about this for a while and what I could have done to avoid it (and the person responsible for making me feel this way probably wont) and am already dreading taking the subway tomorrow because what if he is there again and makes things worse?

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