Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

hello GT, it's been a while! life has kept me too busy for the past few weeks. I normally stick to commenting rather than original posting, but I feel like the full accounting of these events is worth my time and yours. today's silver linings story, from which I hope you might glean some modicum of positivity about your own situation/life in general, is brought to you by my own idiocy.

the scene: a local state park. trails; river; waterfalls; cliffs and pools for jumping. buncha pals clowning around in the water on a Saturday. we were out there right up until nightfall and it was A BLAST.

the first situation: we get there ready to camp for the weekend and the campgrounds were already all reserved!
silver lining: CAMPFIRE PARTY back at the house. (more on that later)

the second situation: I was doofus enough to lose my car keys in the river. my car, which I drove to the park that day, contained (and still contains) my phone, wallet, clothes, toiletries, guitar, and recreational substances.
silver linings: had to hitch a ride back with a group of awesome friends who otherwise would've split off and skipped the sweet campfire party (other plans), including a friend with whom I had extra good times later on ifyouknowwhatimean. we were all so hungry that we stopped at Kroger on the way in and stocked up for a ballin' stir fry feast, which we cooked up at the house where the party people were already partying. all of these amazin' times were only made possible by the combination of situations 1 and 2. OH AND despite full intentions of camping, I rode out completely forgetting my blankets and such (nincompoop!) so when I got back to the house, they WEREN'T stuck in my car.

silver linings CONTINUED: fast forward to today, where I start to stress about solving the car problem. various anecdotes and some casual research had led me to believe I might be out anywhere from 60 to 150 dollars to get back into my car and get a new key. bummerwave, right? but today I discovered that Skype will let you call mobile phones and landlines FROM YOUR COMPUTER, because holy shit The Internet. so I was able to call around and figure things out despite not having a phone, AND THEN it turns out that the local dealership can just make me a new ignition key for a 10bux!

now, in the present, I'm feeling pretty good about how a random bad thing can cause a bunch of random good things to happen, and you should too.

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