Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A simple act of kindness

I wrote about my favorite grocery store and their cafeteria. I got a slice of pepperoni pizza its 1/4 of a 19 inch pizza and a container for 99 cents of Chocolate Milk 1%. In front of me in line was a woman who works the register buying her lunch. I said “hi (her name)“. She said hi back and said to the cashier she was paying for my meal.

She just said it was paying it forward.

I was speechless I did get a “thank you” out. When my mother joined me I told her to also thank her. She immediately did.


It was good pizza like always. I finished the chocolate milk in the car. My mother drove.

I have been feeling awful since the election and sleep has been terrible. My doctor has said looking at the news all day whenn home and reading Huffington every few hours is not a good idea. This made my day, week, nay since the election. A simple act of kindness.

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