I cannot access my original comment or thread to apologize directly on the mainpage, but I want to say I am very, very sorry for calling Marceline from Adventure Time a "D-Lister." Clearly it upset people - but I promise it was an AT reference! IT WAS A JOKE! ALL THE JOKES (but maybe this one was too obscure).

Twas from this scene, where Finn dumps out the "D-Listers", one of whom is Marceline (which caused a bit of an uproar in the AT community online and oh good I have no life but cannot muster up the energy to care):

I actually did get kind of frustrated about this, hate being misunderstood online, boo. Anyways, if you really want to get mad at me for my AT opinions, you should check out this NiceGuysofOKCUPID/Adventure Time mash-up I did. Because seriously, as much as I am entertained by and love Simon/the Ice King, you have to admit his...relationship patterns are unfortunate.


(BTW, I love the AT love here. Who doesn't love feminist theories + critical debate + cartoon gifs? What a wonderful world this is, so exciting and intellectual and fun and I swear I will not have any more cocoa and peppermint shnapps tonight.)