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A Small Healthy Eating Strategy

This is so simple but it's been making me happy so I figured I'd share. I have a friend - she and I both want to eat healthier (of course) but end up eating too much takeout uring the work week. We decided that once a week, each of us cooks and hosts the other in a healthy meal to relieve some of that pressure. It's nice to get some social time in, too.

Do you have any small rituals that help you out?

By healthy meal, I don't mean anything that follows a strict diet of any kind - just kind of a standard home-cooked meal with lots of veggies, that is low on animal fats and carbs. The advantage here has been that I'm only really cooking one weeknight (and I have leftovers!) and she cooks one, so that is two-three nights knocked out already! Boyancé will usually cook dinner once or twice (he manages a bar so he's not always home in the evenings). That covers all my weeknights with no takeout.


I know we have some advantages. 1) we both like to cook and are good at it 2) we both can afford this and have easy access to good food and 3) while we both work full time, we are somewhat in control of our schedules and can manage to set aside one day to leave work early and make this meal.

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