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A song playing on my mother's cd machine, nice song movie so questionable

This song is of a style you really do not hear any more. Many singers in the late 50s and 60s recorded this. Most recent as far as I know is Kenny Rogers in 1996 although there seems to be a jump in decades. It was originally sung by The Four Aces and Andy Williams almost instantly after. The version I chose to link is Johnny Mathis who also sang my favorite Christmas song Winter Wonderland. He had a fantastic voice. Not sure which version came from my mother’s cd I believe Andy Williams the cd was a compilation cd she picked up over the years. Her cd player is one of those 250 cd machines.

I am sure all guessed by now the name of the song with Four Aces recording then Andy Williams right after should have been the clue. The song is Love Is A Many Splendid Thing, movie and Four Aces version 1955.


My mother looooves the movie. I find it highly objectable although maybe in 1955 that’s just how Hollywood worked. This film in many ways set the stage for decades to come yellow face is acceptable in movies. I wish they could remake entire movie again with same music and time period. Its based on a true story. I would cast Grace Park for the Jennifer Jones role. I assume James Franco would get the William Holden role since Hollywood producers would probably insist. Grace Park needs a break out role. She is becoming a really good actress

Anyone read the book or seen the movie. Who would you cast.

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