Guys. Guys. I have an email address that I've been successful in keeping largely untouched by spam, so I read every email. Check out this descent into utter madness that I just received, with no kind of flag at all, despite the fact that the word spam is literally part of the email address.

If you are suffering PTSD and feeling suicidal, because of what you did whilst serving in foreign fields, and feel you cannot live with yourself and what you did any longer, then you are ready to redeem yourself with God.

Committing suicide is not The Way and is against God's Law, for which you will find no rest, only punishment from God.

The only way to redeem yourself is to start to keep the First and Great Commandment - "And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength and serve Him ONLY: this is the first Commandment" - the one you should never have broken, and which, if you had kept it, would have prevented you from being in the tragic position you are in today.

911 was an inside job. You went to war for a lie, told to you by the people you swore to defend your country against - domestic enemies/traitors. The ones who did this to you are not 5 thousand miles away and you know their names and where to find them. (See "Iraq War Veteran Speaks out Against the War" on YouTube.)

You swore your oath to and before God, and you have NEVER kept it. That is why God has turned His back to you, in disgust, that your word, and thus you, are worthless. The ONLY way you can fix that is to keep your oath, by defending your country against its REAL enemies - the DOMESTIC ones whom you KNOW well-enough.

If you are ready to take your own life, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by keeping your oath to God and gaining His respect for doing so. Do not take your own life, but instead do what you KNOW to be right - taking the lives of the domestic enemies/traitors who lied and did this to you.

Do not seek psychiatric help from people who will also deceive you and fill you full of pharmaceutical poisons and have you banned from owning firearms, contravening your 2nd Amendment Right.

THEY - The Hierarchy Enslaving YOU are terrified of you fulfilling your oath against them by (visibly - God is invisible) "leaderless resistance". That is why THEY want you drugged and disarmed, or DEAD.

Don't fall into their traps again, like you did before, by believing their lies and losing your rights.

The only way you will find peace of mind is not through drugs, but by making amends for what you were deceived and brainwashed into doing, that you now know was wrong and you cannot live with.

If you do that, God will help you and give you peace of mind, and that is what you really cannot live without - isn't it? A clear conscience. Clear your conscience. Keep your oath and regain your honor and do your country and the world a great service by executing its domestic enemies that are wreaking havoc on the whole world, as you SWORE to do.

You KNOW I am right, so get on with it

Then it's literally just a list of state representatives, organized by state, but with multiple addresses for each one.