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A Star Is Born


I liked it. I thought the direction was meh. In fact I thought it was over directed at times like things that should have just had simple coverage, had strange composition and wonky angles, I guess for the sake of ART.

Gaga was good. She wasn’t amazing, but I’m sure the oscar campaign will elevate it to that so that she get her golden statue. I will say she’s better than her performances in AHS, she’s improving and she’s growing which is good. So if this is her official transition into acting, I only see her getting better and better as she get’s more practice.


I wish they would have developed allie a bit more. The character is very much a projection of a certain wide eyed ingenue archetype that we’re all very used to, and the only reason why I think the character ends up feeling real and grounded is because there is so much of irl gaga interjected into the allie, w/r/t she sings at drag bars, and her heavy drinking working class italian father, the fact that gaga sang rock music before she sang pop, when she mentions that she can’t get a deal cause of her nose, is an anecdote gaga has talked about a lot. So because there are so many similarities it works. Gaga and Cooper have really good chemistry and a good back and forth with each other and that what makes it most of all. But in the back half of the movie so much of it becomes about him, and I wanted to see more of her, how she was balancing this love for a person, while also coming into her own as an artists and taking charge and making decisions, that just didn’t come through and wasn’t there, or was sidelined for bradley coopers character.

Example in the movie, when allie has been on tour and singing with Jackson(cooper) and she get’s her manager who develops her from allie to ALLIE, there is a moment where he adds dancers to her set and he’s producing it, and then when she goes to perform, allie cuts the dancers and does the song by herself. When she comes off stage he sort of berates her, and she sort of cows to him, and tells him sorry, and then doesn’t do it again, and it comes off as she’s just sort of going along with what all these men are telling her to do rather than taking control of her career and saying what she wants to say and doing what she wants to do. And the script suffers from that choice cause later when allie and jackson fight about his drinking and he tells her she’s embarrassing, it takes the tension away because she kind of is. Not because she’s actually embarrassing but because, it’s not even her. whereas if the script gave allie agency, and we saw her making these choices to change the style of the music, and be heavily involved in the crafting of her look and image. When they have the fight and the embarrassing line happens, it hits harder. It also makes it also adds weight and tension when she decides to cancel the rest of her tour to be with him post rehab, cause we see how much she’s been working for this and how much it means to her. Basically it needed more allie.

I’m sad that Beyonce is such a terrible actress and cannot generate an ounce of chemistry with anyone other than Jay, cause her in the role of ally would have been interesting. I think with bey you would end up getting a stronger, well-developed, formidable, and grounded ally. I also think you get more interesting beats between the two leads w/r/t art , work, and complicated relationships with their siblings and fathers. And then at least if it was beyonce the part with dave chapelle feels less magical negro-y which would have been nice. Honestly I think you get a deeper movie. But it was never meant for her cause Beyonce doing a sex scene? bye. Bey naked in a bathtub with bradley cooper? Bye. But you know who could have been in it and it been really cool? Solange. 


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